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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Port Of Bahia Blanca, Argentina

The Port of Bahia Blanca is a small port in the Buenos Aires province in Argentina. The Bahía Blanca harbor area facilities spread along 25 Km. of the north shore at the Bahía Blanca Channel. Several organizations, national and provincial, have their offices in this area. It is necessary to set their jurisdiction and hence, responsibilities.

The Port Authority can be divided into two areas: land and marine.The land area mainly consists of the harbors of Ingeniero White and Galván, including the interspace, called Cangrejales area. The lots belong to the Port Authority and are outlined in maps 007-50/83, 007-138/83, 007-31/84 and 007-118/87, approved by the Geodesy Department of the Buenos Aires Province.

The marine area consists of both sides of the Bahía Blanca Channel and is a geographic space determined by an imaginary line heading from Pehuen-Có Point (NE) to Laberynth Point (SE), following the general layout of the 10 m isobat and the shoreline of both banks up to the end.

Within the maritime jurisdiction both land and marine areas of Puerto Rosales and the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base still belong to the Provincial State. Its location can be found on the Naval Hydrographic Service Chart # H-212.

Upon determination of the maritime jurisdiction, the Port Authority is in charge of the depth maintenance of the Access Channel to the harbor, of its buoys and beacons, as well. The harbor facilities have an autonomous management. Navigationwise, they depend on the regulations and tariffs the Port Authority determines.

The Bahía Blanca Harbor facilities are described below, mainly the harbors of Ingeniero White and Galván.

Incoming from the Atlantic Ocean towards the west, the first buoys found are for hydrocarbon handling in Anchor Point and Stork Point. The commercial dock of Puerto Rosales and the most important Argentine Naval base, known as Puerto Belgrano come next.

The facilities of Puerto de Ingeniero White are located in the channel. In the first place, the Luis Piedrabuena power plant jetty can be seen, specially built for unloading fuel for the plant. It has been adapted for cereal loading by a private company. Following this jetty, the facilities for cereals and by-products and to the west, the General Cargo Dock can be found.

A few miles away from Ingeniero White harbor and from the area for future harbor expansion, called Cangrejales, Puerto Galván can be found. It has several docks for cereals, by products and general cargo. In the same Puerto Galván area at its western end, the terminal for liquid and gas fuels can be found.

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