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Friday, March 2, 2012

Port Of Khor Fakkan, United Arab Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates’ eastern shores on the Gulf of Oman, the Port of Khor Fakkan overlooks the Emirate of Sharjah’s eastern seaboard. Providing connections with Asia and the Far East, it is one of the Emirate’s three ports. It is Sharjah’s only natural deep water harbor.

In the past, much of the Port of Khor Fakkan’s busy traffic resulted from smuggling gold and luxury cargo to Indian and Pakistan. Today, it has facilities for container cargo, a cement factory, pipe works, and oil refining facilities.

The Emirate’s Department of Seaports and Customs, reporting directly to the Sheikh of Sharjah, owns and manages the Port of Khor Fakkan. The Sharjah Port Authority is a subsidiary of the Department of Sea Ports and Customs responsible for maintaining cargo manifests, dangerous goods lists, stowage plans and heavy lifts, and when appropriate, detailed firearms lists.

The Gulftainer Company Limited was created in 1976 to operate and manage the Khor Fakkan and Sharjah.

The Port of Khor Fakkan has four berths with 14 container gantry cranes and abundant shore-side handling equipment. The Port of Khor Fakkan is undergoing a major berth extension project to increase its cargo-handling capacity. The Port of Khor Fakkan’s facilities are complemented by easy access to Sharjah’s Road Train Service and UAE’s commercial markets.

Through the Gulftainer Company Limited, the Port of Khor Fakkan offers storage of 320 thousand square meters for 32 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo. When the new berth is opened, additional storage area for 11 thousand TEUs will be available. The Port of Khor Fakkan is an ideal transshipment location for major container line operators shipping goods to Arabian Gulf ports, India, and East Africa.

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