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Friday, June 7, 2013

Port Of Acapulco, Mexico

On the west coast of Mexico, 300 miles south of Mexico City, a natural harbor is the setting for this beautiful city on the bay. This 4 mile stretch, lined by beaches and framed by mountains offers views that are nothing short of spectacular! Billed as Mexico’s first resort, during the 50’s and early 60’s, Acapulco was THE playground of the rich and famous. 

Pollution, over-commercialization and corruption tarnished its image and its popularity declined. In recent years Acapulco has experienced a resurgence, however, and it is once again becoming a popular destination for those who love late night dinners at fabulous restaurants, dancing until dawn at glitzy discos and lounging on sun-drenched beaches all day. Inhabited for thousands of years by Aztecs, Acapulco was originally the center of the fishing and trading industry. Who would have ever imagined it would become a flashy resort city that pulses with 24-7, non-stop energy.

Port of Acapulco is a popular cruise and non-cruise tourist destination. The port is the destination for tourists sailing between Panama and San Francisco and it offers a panoramic view of the beach with a somewhat circular bay where ships dock (even as early as the 16th century). The port is just walking distance away from the best sites in Acapulco which is known for busy nightlife fun (i.e. dancing and drinking). The port is a favorite of celebrities who love the cuisine, non-stop dancing and glittering hang outs. Considered as a sun and sand destination for great holidays, Acapulco offers activities that you will surely enjoy and will make you come back for more.

The cruise port is just walking distance from downtown and you can ride a taxi if you are in the center of the town just for $2. It is advisable to have an agreement with the taxi driver as you will find taxis that are not metered.

Cruise lines that use the Acapulco port are Cunard Cruise Lines, Sealetter Cruise Lines, Silver Sea Cruise Lines, P & O Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Star Cruises, Princess Cruise Lines and more.

The nearest airport to Acapulco port is General Juan N Alvarez International Airport (ACA). Attractions near the Acapulco port are cliff diving which can be seen in La Quebrada. Also the two ancient historical architecture of El Fuerte de San Diego and Plaza Alvarez are here. The cathedral in Zocalo and non-stop party night life within the vicinity is a center of attraction in Acapulco.

The ships are docked at the port of Acapulco. This makes it very convenient to start enjoying the best that the place can offer.

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