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Friday, March 16, 2012

Port Of Yingkou, China

The Port of Yingkou  is the second-largest port in northeast China and the tenth-largest nationwide. It includes two separate dockland areas, the Yingkou old port at the mouth of the Liao River, and the Bayuquan port located directly on Liaodong Bay on the Bohai Sea.
Yingkou Port is located in the middle of Liaodong Peninsula, taking the cities with advanced economy and science and technology of china in middle of Liaoning as its backing, with the economic hinterland of three provinces of Northeast and four leagues in east of Inner Mongolia, is the second largest port in Northeast of China.

Yingkou Port has jurisdiction over two ports: Yingkou old port and Bayuquan new port. The Yingkou old port was built up in 1861, has a history of nearly 140 years since it was opened in 1864, and was well known in abroad and domestic as " a fine oriental port for trade".
At present, there are 27 production berths (7 berths in Yingkou old port and 20 berths in Bayuquan new port), 16 berths of over ten thousand ton grade, including 6 berths of thirty to fifty thousand ton, 2 berths for container, and 1 universal berth. The designed capacity of the port is 13.82 million tons, and the designed capacity of container terminal is two hundred fifty thousand TEU.

Bayuquan Port was build up in 1982, and took into the line of ten million ton ports in the country only five years after its first stage project was put into production. The volume handled in 1995 was 11.35 million tons, the volume handled in 1996 was 14.71 million tons, the volume handled in 1997 was 15.83 million tons, the average increasing speed for the three years is 18%. The volume handled in 1998 was 17.10 million tons, the volume handled in 1999 is 19.03 million tons. The forecast handling volume in 2000 is 21 million tons.
In 1996,Yingkou Port cooperated with COSCO, established Yingkou COSCO international container terminal company, the container freight was developed very quickly. Forty thousand and five hundred TEU were handled in 1997, fifty thousand and three hundred TEU were handled in 1998, one hundred and one thousand TEU were handled in 1999, and estimated one hundred and fifty thousand TEU will be handled in 2000.

At present, Yingkou Port has been open up navigation with over 120 ports in 40 countries and regions, has container liner routes to Hong Kong, Japan and Korea and many domestic routes to Huangpu, Guangzhou, Quanzhou, Shanghai, Dandong, and Dalian.

Yingkou Port has two port areas in one city. Yingkou old port is located in the entrance of Hun, Tai and Liao River to sea, Bayuquan port is located in the Liaodong Bay of Bohai Sea. The water area of the port is 113.02 million square meters, the land area is 4.136 million square meters, the total length of berth is 4094 meter in extension. Bayuquan port has 8Km coastline, with deep water and small wave, no silt and no freeze, open up navigation in four seasons, is one of fine port with deep water in north of China.

Yingkou port is connected with Shenda express way, Hada highway and Changda railway. Bayuquan port is 4.2km far from Shenda express way, 9km far from Changda railway, 210km far to Shenyang in North and 190km far to Dalian in south. It is connected with the whole northeast area through the developed communication facilities, and has very strong capability of goods collection and transportation. It is the nearest foreign trade seaport for Northeast of China and east area of Inner Mongolia.

The economic hinterland of Yingkou port is the three provinces of Liaoning,Jilin, Heilongjiang and three leagues and a city of Inner Mongolia. The three provinces in Northeast of China have a vast expanse and rich resources, the verified minerals are over 80 kinds, the potential for development is very large. The port backs on the city group centering around Shenyang in the center of Liaoning, which includes 8 key industrial cities of the country within the radius of 250km(Shenyang, Anshan, Fushun, Benxi, Liaoyang, Panjin and so on), is the key economic area, taking 52%of the total industrial production value of the whole province, and taking over 60% of total heavy industrial production value of the whole province, taking over 90% of iron and steel production volume of the whole province and 17% of the country. The port enjoys exceptional advantages for its location and rich resources.
Yingkou port has large size loading and unloading machine, port railway, working vessel in port, facilities for water and electricity supply, environment protection, flood prevention, mechanical maintenance, port project, pilot and communication, has the normal service functions.

There are 655 sets of loading and unloading machine for production in the port, including: 89 cranes, 507 sets of machine for loading and unloading and moving, 59 set of special machine.
There are 17 working vessels in the port, including: 7 tugboats, 5 lighters, 2 pilot boats,1 supplying boat, 2 communication ships.

There are special modern docks for container, final oil, roll loading automobile, grain, and coal.

At present time, Yingkou port is taking it as emphasis to set the image of the port and strengthen the construction of employee troop, developing the activities of " producing excellent product and creating famous brand", strengthening the construction of employee's morality, increasing the employee's vocational morality, and then increasing the working efficiency and service quality. Bayuquan new port was set up in the conditions of developing market economy, its mechanism and operation method are closed to the requirement of regulations of market economy development. The port holds the principle of " goods owner is top", " the satisfaction of consumer is our working standard", and wins respects from consumers from abroad and domestic for its fine service quality.

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